Luke grew up on the banks of the Jukskei river in Johannesburg finding his way around by horse or bicycle.  Confined to a somewhat solitude life growing up, he imagined how exciting it would have ben as an outlaw in the days of knights and blacksmiths... locked in this age of automobiles, bubblegum politicians and communication technology he thankfully woke up from those foresty youthful dreams after finding MC Escher and Bob Dylan...  and then understanding the meaning of the Internet.  He thinks it is going to get very exciting when we run out of oil... he also knows the God of the Bible is sovereign - involved in every detail.


Journalist, reel activist, intrepid cyclist...  Used to be "banished" to the goal on the soccer field of her home village.  Loves maps & words, watching & screening movies (in full cinemas, on trucks, rooftops, class rooms...)
Believes in small gifts, big hugs, smiling at random strangers & peppermint tea; in friendship, music & the pursuit of (reel) dreams. Never leaves South Africa without a return ticket.  Took 5 classes in isiXhosa to prepare for this trip of a life-time & to get lost in translation in the Eastern Cape.   Set to write stories, make new friends & plenty of discoveries along the Soccer Cinema tour.   Has a good sense of orientation, a loose sense of direction. 
Can't wait to find out in what town/village she will be when news of her first nephew's and maybe also Pia & Flav's beenie's birth will reach her & who will surprise the A Team along the amazing journey ahead...  

A free mind and soul is what this chameleon is all about and he may have a free mind but its full of character and ideas.  Upbeat and fun, jumping through the branches of life is where he loves to be. Walking through airport terminals is a passion he expresses freely as this gives him fresh ideas and insight, but ultimately home is where the heart is and his heart beats for South Africa. People are his love, and, compassion for them his game.  Other succeeding games are soccer and filming, quiz him on this and you'll see whose playing.  Your young peoples man is a pleasure to travel and live with as all the body actions will compliment the comedy verbally expressed, but don't be fooled as this young chameleon is responsible enough so you'll easily give him the keys to that Audi R8. 

Hello mense, people, bantu!! I'm a boy from the Karoo, the outskirts of the Eastern Cape. Eks vannie Klein Karoo om presies te wies, Eks n Grootboom. A Xhosa boy born in Steytlerville near Graaf Reinet and bred in the Mother City. This is really a trip of a lifetime for me, its been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to travel and see my own beautiful country. Some of my foreign friends have been telling ME about how amazing this country is. And that would make me feel jealous, angry, and embarassed at once and don't ask me why.
But now its MY turn.
I'm looking forward to experience the amazing landscapes that I usually see on television and the endless horizons.  

Time is an issue for some, but not for Alasdair, he keeps to it, buts it’s also something he gives generously. He played soccer for many years, indoor and out on the field. Now Alasdair is helping to take it across South Africa with the use of something else he adores, Cinema!

Born and raised in Cape Town, he swears to all that have visited, that the Mother City is the most beautiful place in the world, he hopes by the end of the Soccer Cinema Tour to stand corrected.

With the combination of a good team and an eager audience, he will make cinema history, with the use of a little bit of what he loves giving most, his time. South Africa, are you ready!? 


Hi….. my name is Tee… sometimes Hisham likes to call me tea-bag, xx  I am nineteen almost twenty... 2 decades on this crazy, beautiful planet! Yay! I am a student from City Varsity currently doing my second year, majoring in directing.  I have always had a passion for film (horrors are my fav). I am loaded with creative ideas and thrilled to be getting my first taste of the industry as an intern on this incredible project. 

My favorite Directors of all time are Stephen Spielberg and Tim Burton.  Why? Well they make the most creative and unique style of movies… ever.  Hobbies are snowboarding and although I don’t expect to find much of that on the road, I am sure to find new thrills along the way.  


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