Why Women Deceive Men

Weddings in our society today does not seem to mean nearly as much as they did in the past, with divorce commonly being the preferred choice first in changing a married couple’s problems or troubles.

Individuals who exchange their wedding vows are not only making a promise to their new partner, but also to God, and many people seem to take this very light wish.

Just as men have traditionally done in the past, in recent years has become more and more common that women are cheating on their husbands too.

What race of women is most likely to cheat?  According to some studies, women cheat because of more emotion-based. They feel isolated, neglected and not satisfied in their marriages or with their partner and they feel ignored.

So it’s not about the race for women or the colors of their skin, it’s more about their inner feelings and for women to feel appreciated.

Women share many of the assonant reasons for cheating on their spouse than men, the only difference is that this behavior was somewhat more acceptable for the male than it is of the female.

Just as a man who sleeps with many women is often referred to as a nail, when a woman implements the same behavior in herself, she is considered nothing more than a mistress, prostitute, concubine or worse.

Many women become unfaithful to their husbands for revenge and think that if their husband sleeps around, there is nothing to say that they themselves are not allowed to sleep as much as me.

Although he may feel good at first getting revenge, she does not really miss a goal, and can only help to destroy what’s left of the couple’s marriage.

Women also tend to stray from their husbands when they do not receive enough attention from their husbands, whether mentally, physically or otherwise. Many women think that they are more accustomed to their husbands and no longer feel that there is no love or feelings between them, at least not coming from their husbands.

Depression and loneliness can lead a person to do a lot of things they would never do if they had felt like themselves.

Some women cheat on their husbands simply for the sake of not being caught, or the feeling that they are afar off with something. Often it becomes addictive for men and women alike and seems to be uncontrollable until everything is lost, including their marriage, their health, and many times their mental stability.

When you feel unsure of yourself, you need to seek the validation of others. This can take the form of sexual, emotional or intellectual attention. When you do not love or esteem yourself, you can project that onto the person you are in contact with and believe that they do not like you or do not like you.

Even if your husband or boyfriend likes you a lot, you can still cheat because you have trouble accepting their unconditional love. I suggest reading one of the many self-help books out there about building your self-esteem or getting tips to help improve self-confidence.