Composting Secrets

Compost (which is different from manure) is done by fermentation of organic waste in the presence of oxygen. It is the decomposing of organic products of household waste under the combined action of microorganisms present in nature: earth, mushrooms. It is a natural organic amendment of vegetables which ends up as a fine soil. Thanks to the compost, you will have at your disposal a good quality humus necessary for the good development of the plants of the interior, the garden, and the vegetable garden. This compost will end up going into the soil of the garden to improve soil fertility and compensate for soil elements that have been used to grow stuff and lower levels of garden waste.

Preferably, opt for a discreet spot of one to three meters, half-shade, with easy access for the wheelbarrow.

You can reserve a place in your garden to pile your waste and create a heap of compost. But a simple pile, often visible, is exposed to the weather and the sun and can attract by its cooking waste, pets and wild animals. A composter is preferable. Realizing a compost silo in a corner of its garden is very simple. Compost formation is faster in a composter, sheltered from direct sunlight and weather. If you have large volumes to process, you can set up several composters.

What is needed?

If you want to compost the right way you’ll need a few things. The first thing is a good garbage disposal. We recommend reading the Insinkerator Evolution Compact review. Another thing you’ll need is a good composter. You can find these at your local hardware store.


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